We have our product development department and design team where our collections are displayed in our center and diyarbakır office and the SHOWROOM works are done with our customers.


We prepare all the requests coming from abroad with the best experienced and fastest way.

Rodi Jean, a passenger who started as a workshop for 15 people in 2001, grew up with large scale customers and business partners such as Akın Tekstil. In 2016, Assertivo Tekstil A.Ş. He took his name. Assertivo Tekstil A.Ş. started to export to Iraq shortly after its establishment. he has exported 2500 pairs of jeans in the first stage. In the same year, production of an area of ​​14,000 square meters in Diyarbakir with 3,000 square meters closed.

Assertivo, which still maintains export relations and relations; mainly exporting to many countries, mainly Denmark. Akın Textile and Doğanlar Textile, as well as exporting to strategic business partnerships with textile representative companies. With these strategic partnerships, it indirectly exports to many European countries, especially Denmark, and directly to Iraq.) Quality and understanding of production at the end are the most important motivators indispensable from the first day to today.


We pass all kinds of products from quality control to quality control and provide 100% response to customer requests.